We have identified in this website 21 steps that absolutely have to be taken in order to address the 3 existential emergencies (inequality, climate and nukes).

Fine words are one thing, but the willingness and ability to actually implement the fine words are another.

We have therefore graded all the promises of the different candidates, on all the issues we feel of most importance, on a 5-point scale:

0. Not even trying – no commitment, even in words, to address this.

  1. Fine Words – but only partially committing to what is the minimum requirement here.
  2. Good in Theory – fully committed to the minimum requirement, but without a clear plan for implementing it.
  3. Good Plan – fully committed to the minimum, with a clear plan for implementation but no costings.
  4. Fully Costed Plan – fully committed, fully planned, fully costed, but do they have the capacity to deliver?
  5. Ready to Go – fully committed, fully planned, fully costed, with a clear capacity to deliver on that commitment.

Details of how each candidate was graded on each requirement is available on request.

In terms of an overall ‘grade,’ we took the marks for each item, and gave them an:

A – for 30-35 marks

B – for 20-29 marks

C – for 10-19 marks

D – for 5-9 marks

F – for 0-4 marks