Ceasefire in Gaza!

Joe Biden continues to resist calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, as does Dean Phillips, who is running against him in the Democratic primaries. The only candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination that supports the call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza is Marianne Williamson.

Williamson has admitted her sympathies originally sided with the Israeli government following the Hamas attacks on October 7th. She initially stated that Israel had the right to defend itself against such attacks.

But the massive bombing campaign that has destroyed tens of thousands of buildings in Gaza, including homes, mosques, universities and hospitals, along with the deaths of over 25,000 people – a large percentage of them children – is “unconscionable,” she said in a Feb 2 video on “X”.

“We all know that none of this came out of nowhere,” she said, referring to the 17-year-long blockade and siege of Gaza by the Israeli military. Williamson has long called for a two-state solution and justice for the Palestinians. “There is no military solution to this problem.”