VOTE as if your life depends on it...
Because it DOES!

You don't have to love Joe Biden to see that
we simply can't afford four more years of this:


The Georgia Senate election on Jan 5th is about our SURVIVAL!

Biden won Georgia by just 12,000 votes!
Now the whole country is counting on Georgia
to enable him to govern...

Across the country, Biden got 7 million more votes than Trump

and he won the electoral college by 72 votes

But a vote for Perdue or Loeffler means that

Mitch McConnell can block every effort to pass legislation
in the new Congress

Georgia Senate Race


Do you live in, or have friends or relatives in

YOUR vote could make the difference...
Vote to Survive!

Join the Campaign

Spread the Message

Help elect a President and a Congress in 2020 that will prioritize our survival and take immediate steps to address the existential threats we face from climate, nuclear weapons and unsustainable inequality. Download free materials to spread the "Vote to Survive" message to your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and local community!

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