The Election

The US elections in 2024 are crucial for our survival as a planet

What is at stake in this election is the survival of our planet:

  • What will be done to address the climate crisis, will it be enough, and will it be in time?
  • What will be done about the growing threat posed by nuclear weapons?

The Presidential Race

We simply cannot afford to let Donald Trump back in the White House. But we also cannot afford 4 more years of the Biden administration. There must be other options for the voters of this country. AND THERE ARE!

Write to President Biden today and urge him to withdraw from the race because we cannot afford another four years of Trump!

  • Vote for Marianne Williamson in the presidential primaries
  • Swap your vote in November if you live in a Purple “battleground” state
  • Vote for Jill Stein or another third party candidate if you live in a “safe” Red or Blue state.

Senate Races

Letting Republicans take back control of the Senate would be a disaster. But we also need Democratic Senators who are going to fight for our survival!

House Races

Democrats have a good chance to take back control of the House. But we don’t just need more Democrats in Congress, we need more PROGRESSIVE Democrats, who will fight for our survival!