The US election on November 3rd could be the most important election of your lifetime

And it’s not because of Trump! There is too much at stake in this election to treat it like any other election. This is not just about Trump. It is not just about Medicare for All. Or immigration, or the rule of law, or women’s reproductive rights, or racism, or gun control. All of these issues are important.

But what is at stake in this election is the survival of our planet:

  • What will be done to address the climate crisis, will it be enough, and will it be in time?
  • What will be done about the rising and unsustainable levels of inequality in this country?
  • What will be done about the growing threat posed by nuclear weapons?

Where do the Presidential candidates stand on these crucially important issues? And what about candidates for the Senate and the House of Representatives? Without a Congress willing to address these issues of survival, there is a limit to what a new President can do.

And before the November general election are crucially important Presidential Primary elections across the country. Find out what’s going on in your state and how you can vote to survive!