The Election

The US election on November 3rd could be the most important election of your lifetime

What is at stake in this election is the survival of our planet:

  • What will be done to address the climate crisis, will it be enough, and will it be in time?
  • What will be done about the rising and unsustainable levels of inequality in this country?
  • What will be done about the growing threat posed by nuclear weapons?

The Presidential Race

We simply cannot afford four more years of Donald Trump.

Senate Races

But a Biden administration will be able to achieve very little without Democrats gaining control of the Senate. We simply cannot afford four more years of Mitch McConnell, either.

House Races

Joe Biden and a Democratic Senate will not solve the real problems that need to be solved. That will take more progressive leadership elected in the coming years. We already have a head-start on that in the House of Representatives, and there are more candidates coming along to add to their number.