Marianne Williamson

Because of her positions on climate and nuclear weapons, Marianne Williamson is the only survival candidate running against Biden in the Democratic primaries.

Marianne’s stand on climate:

As President, she would initiate a “full-scale climate emergency mobilization effort”

It is imperative that we take immediate, bold steps to change course…”

We must transition from a dirty economy to a clean economy. Period. Full stop.”

See her full climate policy for other details.

Marianne’s stand on nuclear weapons:

If elected President, I will sign the 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons...”

I will work to implement a legally-binding, time-bound plan for the elimination of all nuclear weapons...”

I will ensure the federal funding and scientific expertise expended on nuclear weapons be redirected to address the global climate emergency

See her signed Presidential Candidates’ Pledge for Nuclear Abolition

Marianne’s stand on Gaza:

I demand an immediate ceasefire, release of the hostages and architecture for a two-state solution…”

“We all know that none of this came out of nowhere.”

“I would be giving no military or financial support to such military action [by Israel].”

“There is no military solution to this problem.”

See her video statement calling for a ceasefire.

Marianne’s stand on Ukraine:

There has to be a negotiated settlement. That goes without saying. That is the only way this can end.”

I’m an anti-imperialist. I oppose invasions of other countries, whether by the US or by Russia… So I agreed with US military support for Ukraine to begin with. But this has gone on long enough. The war has stalled.

The United States was irrresponsibly ‘poking the bear’ in relation to the expansion of NATO.”

See her video interview on Ukraine.

Marianne’s stand on war and peace:

Just as there is a Department of Defense, there needs to be a Department of Peace. We need to invest at least as much on preparing for peace as we do on preparing for war.”

“America should embark on a 10- to 20-year plan for turning a wartime economy into a peace-time economy, repurposing the tremendous talents and infrastructure of our military-industrial complex in such a way as to leave us strong enough to deal with America’s legitimate needs for military preparedness, yet moving on to the urgent task of building a sustainable society and a sustainable world.”

See her full peace policy for more details.

And for Marianne’s positions on many other issues, go to her issues pages.