Skepticism is healthy, but Planet of the Humans is toxic

A review of Planet of the Humans, directed by Jeff Gibbs, Executive Producer: Michael Moore. by Timmon Wallis It can be refreshing to watch a true believer taking a deeper look at their own sacred cows. But in his rush to be open-minded about his long-cherished environmental beliefs, Jeff Gibbs has thrown out the baby with the bathwater. He lumps … Read More

Dear Joe, You Can Do Better!

Dear Joe Biden, You might be the Democratic candidate for President in November. You might even be the next President of the United States. But your policies fall far short of what we, as a country, need right now. And we know you can do better than that, Joe. Universal healthcare You have called healthcare a “human right” and said … Read More

We love you, Wisconsin!

2016 Primary results: Sanders = Green, Clinton = Yellow and we’re counting on you to save the world… Bernie Sanders won Wisconsin by a large margin in 2016, setting the scene for further wins in other states that almost brought him the nomination. In the end, Democrats – and the Democratic Party establishment – opted for a more “moderate” candidate … Read More

Bernie: Time to Get Rid of Nuclear Weapons

Bernie, when asked in Wolfboro, New Hampshire, what he thought about the US having a “no first use” policy with regard to nuclear weapons, responded in his usual matter-of-fact way: “I don’t believe that the United States should start a nuclear war. Period. End of discussion,” he said. Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Tom Steyer and Andrew Yang also support a … Read More

Pete Buttigieg: A Green New Deal “For All Who Want It”?

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has proposed, in place of Bernie’s Medicare for All, what he calls, “Medicare for All Who Want It.” He wants to take it slow and steady on healthcare and not ruffle too many feathers. That seems to be his approach on climate as well. In place of Bernie’s Green New Deal, Pete has proposed what he … Read More

Please Tell the American People the Truth:

Nuclear Weapons Must Never Be Used Again An Open Letter to Elizabeth Warren Dear Elizabeth, At the Presidential Candidates Debate (on July 30, 2019), you looked shocked and incredulous when Governor Steve Bullock said he wasn’t willing to take America’s option to start a nuclear war “off the table.” But when he went on to describe “all those crazy folks” … Read More