Primary elections have so far been held in 27 states (and 3 overseas territories). As of March 29th, Biden has 1,215 delegates and Sanders has 909 delegates (176 delegates were assigned to candidates who have since dropped out). There are 1,668 delegates still to be assigned through primary elections in 23 more states (and 4 territories). The race is far from over!

Wisconsin – April 7th

Alaska – April 10th

Wyoming – April 17th

Puerto Rico – TBD

Ohio – April 28th

Kansas – May 2nd

Nebraska – May 12th

West Virginia – May 12th

Oregon – May 19th

Georgia – May 19th

Hawaii – May 22nd

Rhode Island – June 2nd

Maryland – June 2nd

New Jersey – June 2nd

New Mexico – June 2nd

New York – June 23rd