Presidential Race

This is a solidly Red state that normally votes Republican and voted for Trump in 2016. Trump won this state by nearly 575,000 votes, but more than 1.3 million eligible voters in Kentucky did not vote in that election, or more than twice the number that could have changed the outcome in that state in 2016.

Kentucky574,177177,000 228,955
Source: US Census Bureau, Voting and Registration in the Election of November 2016, Table 4c

If you live in Kentucky, your vote may not be enough to overturn a strong Republican majority, but with a President who is refusing to commit himself to abide by the election results, every vote counts in this election, even in Kentucky.

And your vote for Senator in this state could be even more important…

Senate Race

Former fighter pilot Amy McGrath is challenging Mitch McConnell for his seat in the Senate. This is not a seat the Democrats are expecting to win, but Mitch McConnell is President Trump’s leading cheerleader and henchman, and has single-handedly blocked nearly bill passed by the House of Representatives since Democrats took control of the lower House in 2018.

Democrats need to gain at least four more seats in the Senate to prevent Mitch McConnell from blocking everything a Biden administration would try to do. If Democrats hold onto the Senate seat in Michigan and win Senate seats in Colorado, Arizona, Maine, Montana and North Carolina, Mitch McConnell will no longer have control of the Senate and its agenda.

Taking Mitch McConnell’s own seat in Kentucky would just be the icing on the cake.

A vote for Amy McGrath is a vote for survival!

AND, you can help win this state for all of us by encouraging a friend, relative, colleague, former neighbor, or somebody else you know to vote, and to vote for our survival, at this election.

Register to vote:

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