Presidential Race

This is a dark Blue state, strongly Democratic. Hillary Clinton won this state in 2016 with 22.5% more votes than Donald Trump. It is almost impossible for Joe Biden to lose here in 2020.

stateVoted_for_Trump 2016Voted_for_Clinton 2016Did_Not_Vote
New York2,819,5344,556,124 5,883,192
Source: US Census Bureau, Voting and Registration in the Election of November 2016

This means, because of the electoral system that we have, that your vote, if you live in New York, is not as crucial to the final outcome as it would be if you lived in a “battleground” state like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa or Florida.

HOWEVER, President Trump has refused to say that he will honor the results of this election, has claimed there will be widespread fraud and cheating, and has threatened to challenge the results in court. THEREFORE, every vote really does matter, even in New York, to ensure that Trump loses by a clear enough margin across the whole country and cannot therefore reject the results.

Please consider this when deciding whether to vote in this election against Trump (by voting for Biden) or not (by voting third party or not at all). Your vote really does count in this, of all elections, even if you don’t live in a “battleground” state.

Register to vote:

New YorkOct. 9Oct. 9Oct. 9

Vote by mail:

New YorkOct. 27November 3

Vote in person:

StatePolls_open_amPolls_close_pmFind your polling place
New York69
Note: Times may vary, always check locally. Source:

AND, your most powerful contribution to this election may not be your own vote, but the vote of a friend, relative, colleague, former neighbor, or somebody else you know who does live in a “battleground” state. You may be the one person who can convince that person to vote, and to vote for our survival, at this election.

Click here for more ideas and help in convincing a friend or relative to vote.

Senate Race

There are no Senate seats up for election in New York this year. Next up will be Chuck Schumer’s seat in 2022. 

House Races

The best we can hope for in 2020 at the Presidential and Senate levels is to get rid of Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell so that we will at least survive the next four years. But in the medium term, we need to elect politicians who support the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, the Nuclear Ban Treaty and other real, sustainable solutions to the global threats facing us all.

Luckily, we already have over 100 such politicians in the House of Representatives. We need to make sure they get re-elected, and we need to elect more of them!

If you live in US Congressional District 16, you have an opportunity at this election to vote for a new progressive candidate for the House of Representatives, Jamaal Bowman!

NY District 16 – Jamaal Bowman for US Congress

Jamaal Bowman is a a progressive candidate who strongly believes in a New Deal for education, a New Deal for housing, Medicare for all, justice reform, immigration rights and women’s rights.

And if you live in one of these other US Congressional Districts, you have an incumbent Democrat who is already a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus to support for re-election!

District 6 – Meng

District 7 – Velasquez

District 8 – Jeffries

District 9 – Clarke

District 10 – Nadler

District 12 – Carolyn Maloney

District 13 – Espaillat

District 14 – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

District 25 – Morelle