Presidential Race

Colorado is a Blue state that has traditionally voted Democrat. Hillary Clinton won this state in 2016, but nothing can be taken for granted in 2020. We need to ensure Joe Biden wins this state.

If you live in Colorado, your vote is still critical to our survival. Voting for a third party or not voting at all is the same is giving your vote to Trump in this state.

AND, you can help win this state for all of us by encouraging a friend, relative, colleague, former neighbor, or somebody else you know to vote, and to vote for our survival, at this election.

Click here for more ideas and help in convincing a friend or relative to vote.

Senate Race

Former Presidential candidate, John Hickenlooper is running as the Democratic challenger to Republican incumbent, Cory Gardner. This is a key Senate seat for Democrats to win in order to re-take control of the Senate and enable a Biden administration to pass legislation opposed by current Republican Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell.

Cory Gardner narrowly won his seat in 2014 against the Democratic incumbent at the time, Mark Udall. Since 2016, Gardner has voted in line with President Trump’s position 89.1% of the time, according to the Congressional voting tracker, FiveThirtyFive.

A vote for Hickenlooper is a vote for survival!

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